“The past can’t see you, but the future is listening”
Terri Guillemets

Join us on the 6th & 7th June for a two-day Summit to map the emerging challenges for science communication in Australia and to collaboratively develop best-practice solutions.

Inspiring Australia, TechNyou and ScienceRewired are bringing together the nation’s leading science communicators, innovators, science journalists, decision makers and educators. The Summit is an opportunity for participants to individually and collectively compare, shape and influence their science communication direction and activities.

The Summit will take a fresh look at five contemporary themes; crowd sourcing the key challenges and opportunities for science communicators and policymakers across Australia. Through a series of hands-on workshops, participants will address individual and collective barriers across these themes:

  • It’s a two way street: engaging ALL Australians in the sciences
  • Participative science: encouraging the best in citizen science
  • Beyond tweets and blogs: leveraging the changing media landscape
  • Diminishing degrees of separation: developing collaborative approaches across sectors
  • Data at work: developing the evidence base to guide future action

We’ll be creating a unique set of perspectives from the wider community of stakeholders, taking the output from crowd-sourced content and integrating this with the input from participants during the two day Summit. We’ll be encouraging individuals to pool their knowledge and experiences to capture best practice and to share across each stream from their own vantage points as communicators, scientists, policymakers, journalists, educators or business people.

The participant-generated output from the hands-on workshops will form the basis of a draft strategy to be presented on Day 2 in an interactive session with leaders from Federal, State and Territory Government departments and agencies, and from non-government, national organisations and peak bodies.

The Summit will be a dynamic and hands-on two days, featuring the sharing of case studies and lessons learned, a focus on stimulating networking opportunities, professional development, and an entertaining evening session – all designed to inspire high-impact, fresh thinking about communicating the sciences.

Everyone will be encouraged to participate and take up the opportunity to contribute to a future vision for science communication in Australia. We hope you’ll join us at The BIG Science Communication Summit in Sydney or participate online on 6-7 June.

Whether face-to-face or online, don’t miss this opportunity to take part!

To register for the Summit, visit sciencerewired.org/summit/register