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Engaging All Australians – Moving Beyond Children And Education

The ‘It’s a Two Way Street – Engaging all Australians in the Sciences’ workshop focused on the challenge of creating programs, strategies and mindsets to allow engagement for all Australians with science. Sitting in small groups, the usual discussions arose amongst the participants when considering barriers to engaging with wider audiences and ‘non-traditional’ groups. Examining [...]

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Turning Data And Evidence Into Education

During the first morning of the Big Science Communication Summit hosted by ScienceRewired (and what a morning it was!), one of the key points that was repeatedly touched on by the speakers was science in education; educating regarding age, the impression and message given, the approaches taken to education, and the medium used for educating. Craig Cormick [...]

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A Pint And A Periodic Table? Engaging ALL Australians In The Sciences

With over 6000 pubs in Australia it’s pretty hard to walk the streets of any city or town without wandering past a local or two. The pub holds a special place in the heart of many Australians – and its pull on our other organs can’t be ignored either! Its schnitty (schnitzel –preferably the size of the plate or larger) sings to our stomachs, the footy and conversation takes care of our eyes and ears, and our noses are inevitably filled with that (not always pleasant) pub aroma. But while at the pub, are we neglecting one of our most important organs – our brain?

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