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Our mission is to connect science communicators, educators, innovators and young scientists to help facilitate the sharing of new ideas, knowledge and science for good. We're the community manager for ScienceRewired.

Touch Board


The Touch Board is designed as an easy-to-use platform for a huge range of projects. Radical Interfaces – The Touch Board uses capacitive sensing to turn any conductive material into an interface. Imagine light switches painted on the wall with Electric Paint, interactive books or hidden sensors that can detect a whole person. The Touch [...]

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Primo: programming literacy for children


Primo is a play-set that uses shapes, colours and spacial awareness to teach programming logic through a tactile, warm and magical learning experience. Primo makes an incredibly important, but otherwise uninteresting topic to children, enjoyable and fun. Primo is a play set composed by 3 main items that combined create the Primo play experience: 1. [...]

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ScienceRewired at Pint of Science, London


We’re hosting our very first UK event in May in conjunction with the Pint of Science team. Focused on all things innovative including biohacking, open science, 3D printing and internet of things for science. We’re still working on the details of the event, but will publish the schedule during January 2014. Very excited about the [...]

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Kano: A computer anyone can make


It’s a computer you make yourself. It’s simple, fun, and for everyone. And we need your help to make it happen. Kano emerged from a year of making computers with hundreds of kids, teachers, engineers, and artists. It’s based on simple steps, physical computing, and play. What can I do with it? Build… A computer, [...]

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Fear and Loathing in Climate Science


Alvin Stone, Media and Communications Manager at ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science presents at the Big Science Communication Summit in June 2013. The session explores the common challenge that scientists leave sceptics to dominate their thinking in terms of media engagement and framing scientific research. What was your science communication challenge? The [...]

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Selfies Gone Wild


Dustin Wellbourne, Masters and PhD student with the University of New South Wales, presented a great session on ‘Selfies Gone Wild’ at the Big Science Communication Summit in June 2013. Aside from persuading a number of audience members to take to their smart phones to take ‘Selfies’ – his session looked at ways to optimise [...]

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Crowdsourcing Problems for Technology Solutions


How do you think the world would change if all the technology currently on the market multiplied in quantity and quality, several fold? That would be the difference if all patented research was commercialised, instead over 95 % of research and technology never reaches the marketplace but remain on the shelf, unused. Three life science [...]

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Building a ScienceRewired Community


Later this year we’ll be piloting a ScienceRewired community platform that will help to connect science communicators, digital innovators, citizen science advocates and educators. It’s the first of many projects we’re exploring – aimed at developing a global community of science communicators, educators and citizen science advocates eager to understand more about the use of digital technologies in science communication.

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