Ada Lovelace Day – 15th October


Her thwarted potential, and her passion and vision for technology, have made her a powerful symbol for modern women in technology. Check out the following links (and feel free to add your own in the comments!) to help acknowledge and celebrate women involved in technology and science worldwide. Brief Lives: Ada Lovelace by Alistair MacFarlane, […]

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ScienceRewired Podcast – On The Texas Science Textbook Debate – Interview With NCSE’s Josh Rosenau

On the 17th September, teachers, parents, creationist supporters and scientists went to what the Texas Freedom Network (a non-profit civil liberties group) described as a “lopsided victory for science,” in order to testify before the State Board of Education on proposed biology textbooks for K-12 students. The books currently under review are set to enter Texas classrooms at […]

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