ScienceRewired’s mission is to connect science communicators, educators, innovators and young scientists to help facilitate the sharing of new ideas, knowledge and science for good.

Our goals are to

  • Inspire scientists, educators, innovators to develop smarter and more agile ways to communicate science in society for positive change.
  • Create a platform to promote creative thinking for young scientists eager to learn about STEM by using innovative internet and open source technologies.
  • Develop an online community for science practitioners of all ages seeking to share ideas and knowledge about innovative technologies and how they are used for positive change.
  • Act as the bridge between research institutions and the public, increasing the awareness of citizen science initiatives and open science projects.
  • Champion the use of disruptive internet technologies for STEM in schools and adult education.

We’re an agile organisation conceived from within a community incubator in April 2011, with a public launch at the Royal Institution of Australia in October 2012.


At the heart of everything we do are our values. We stand by them, embracing to further our ambitions for our community, people and our events.


    As a small organisation we can’t achieve our goals alone, so we value partners and seek collaborations that help us grow. We work with organisations that share our goals and work towards mutual benefit with the realisation there is strength in diversity.


    We believe in questionning the world around us, and not to take everything at face value. All of our events, workshops and labs encourage and champion curiousity and creative thinking. Leave no stone unturned.


    Sharing and collaboration are major drivers for innovation. Knowledge sharing and communication is at the heart of what we do.


    We say what we mean and we do what we say, to make real practical difference with our work and partnerships we nurture.


The team behind ScienceRewired are from diverse backgrounds spanning technology, science, academia, engineering and innovation.

Andrew Gregson

Founder, ScienceRewired

Kendall Benton

Co-Founder, ScienceRewired

Dr. Rod Lamberts

ScienceRewired Advisor

Joanne Jacobs

ScienceRewired Advisor