ScienceRewired host 3D Printing Workshop


Ultimaker models from the event

The UK ScienceRewired team descended onto Google Campus this week (21st May) to host a one day special event on the Science of 3D Printing. The event was attended by individuals of all ages and from backgrounds spanning science, education, design, computing, marketing and technology.

It was designed to inspire and educate individuals seeking to learn about 3D printing – exploring the use of different materials, how to build your own 3D printer, what makes them work, how to fine tune and customise them and what you can and can’t print.

The event featured sessions by Eva Sbaraini from MyMiniFactory; Hannah Wray from the Institute of Manufacturing on how to design for 3D; Tomas Diez, Fab Lab Barcelona taking about a vision for Fab Cities and the future of personal manufacturing; and a team from Ultimaker GB show casing printers, technology and giving participants a chance to print goodies.

With over 40 attendees to our first London event, we were very pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to hosting and developing more events in the UK.

Google Campus filling up ready for the event

Tomas Diez, Fab Lab Barcelona Skyping in talking about Fab Cities

Ultimaker tech goodies

If you would like more information on workshops we’re planning please register your interest at

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