Primo: programming literacy for children


Image credit: Cubetto a friendly robot

Primo is a tangible programming interface designed to teach children age 4 to 7 basic programming logic without the need for literacy.

Primo is a play-set that uses shapes, colours and spacial awareness to teach programming logic through a tactile, warm and magical learning experience. Primo makes an incredibly important, but otherwise uninteresting topic to children, enjoyable and fun.

Primo is a play set composed by 3 main items that combined create the Primo play experience:

1. The goal of the game is to guide a smiling robot called cubetto to his destination by creating instruction sequences using colourful instruction blocks.

2. By creating these simple algorithms children learn the logical foundations of programming, necessary for more advanced coding later on in life.

3. Primo is an intuitive and tactile product, designed with natural materials to hide all electronic components for a magical and playful learning experience.

ScienceRewired have invested in a Primo Kit for our Labs.
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