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Session 7A – Debunking Myths: Citizen Science is not a Viable Means of Undertaking Research

Contentious approach or valid means of research? Will ‘crowd sourcing’ your research leave your projects wide open for criticism, invalidate research or create a richer set of data from a much broader audience? Ms. Deborah Cleland -PhD Student at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University; Dr. Laurel Dyson – Senior Lecturer […]

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Session 6C – The Power of the Podcast

What do you want your listeners to know? What can you produce, in a feasible manner? What can podcasting do that other social media mediums (or other traditional forms of outreach) can’t provide? The Token Skeptic podcast began in 2009 and primarily features interviews with scientists and pop-culture figures involved in science and philosophy; it […]

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Online Science Communicators Survival Guide Panel

Communicating science via online platforms comes with its own particular traps and pitfalls. So what should communicators be on the lookout for? How can we avoid the snares of misconceptions and misinformation? Philip Roetman discusses the elements of research, education and engagement – keys to bilateral exchange of information: giving information to the community by showing […]

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ScienceRewired Opening

People signing in bright and early at ScienceRewired this morning, ready to go! Here’s Ben McKenzie about to start for the morning – actor, scientician, comedian and ScienceRewired host! We’ll be listening to the Welcome to Country and Introductions by Aunty Josie Agius, Community Networker and Elder, and introductions by Andrew Gregson and Kendall Benton (Co-Founders of ScienceRewired).

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