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A Pint And A Periodic Table? Engaging ALL Australians In The Sciences

With over 6000 pubs in Australia it’s pretty hard to walk the streets of any city or town without wandering past a local or two. The pub holds a special place in the heart of many Australians – and its pull on our other organs can’t be ignored either! Its schnitty (schnitzel –preferably the size of the plate or larger) sings to our stomachs, the footy and conversation takes care of our eyes and ears, and our noses are inevitably filled with that (not always pleasant) pub aroma. But while at the pub, are we neglecting one of our most important organs – our brain?

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AlphaGalileo – Raising the Awareness of Research Excellence

Peter Green Managing Director of AlphaGalileo Foundation, the world’s independent research news service for the media, and a Summit sponsor writes on the importance of reaching international media to promote Australia as well as your research organisation International awareness of research excellence underpins wealth creation. The best students from around the world clamour to study […]

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No Matter How Many Times You Explain Something

It is a common view that “if only someone could break this down and explain it clearly enough, more people would understand.” However it is debatable whether clear, concise explanations really work. Research has shown that these may be positively received by viewers, who feel like they are learning and become more confident in their answers, but tests reveal they haven’t learned a thing.

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#Interview – Professor Leonie Rennie, Curtin University

We looked at integrated curriculums because we know that the world is integrated. If you look at the school timetable in high school, you have a lesson for physics, a lesson for chemistry, a lesson for biology in upper schools or just science maybe in lower school, but it’s not connected with all of the other disciplines like things are in the real world. That’s a block we felt to kids being able to associate the science they did at school with the science that’s in the outside world.

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#Interview – Dr Craig Cormick, CSIRO

We’re very good at getting the converted more engaged and more interested in science. But I think we have trouble reaching those in the next category down the line that are marginally interested or occasionally uninterested. So, the challenge I find is often, how do you have a conversation about science that’s not apparently about science, that has a lot of science intrinsically built in its content.

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