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Technopop – pop-up science, technology, design and innovation festival


Technopop launches in Spring 2014 at The International Quarter (TIQ) in Stratford City, London. Technopop aims to: Excite and enthuse young minds Educate, inspire and inform young people about the dynamic career opportunities in these sectors Be an interface between industry and academia Provide a launch pad for new technologies; innovators and entrepreneurs Highlight the […]

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World Water Monitoring Challenge


World Water Monitoring Challenge™ (WWMC) is an international education and outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world by engaging citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local waterbodies. WWMC grew out of the World Water Monitoring Day program in 2012. While an official “day” continues to be […]

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Digital Classrooms


Dr Joshua Drew is a Lecturer and M.A. Program Advisor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Biology at Columbia University. In 2011 Joshua found a way to combine his two loves; educating young people about marine conservation and the innovative use of social media! Using platforms such as Ning, YouTube and Twitter, Joshua […]

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Atlas of Living Australia


The Atlas of Living Australia was established in 2006 as national digital database for Australia’s flora and fauna, accessible to the public. The information gathered is being used to: Improve our understanding of Australian biodiversity; Assist researchers to build a more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity; Assist environmental managers and policy makers develop more effective […]

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The Serval Project


Mobile phone technology can be about more than just texting and playing Angry Birds. There’s a whole field called Mobile Humanitarianism, which focuses on using mobiles for good! One such initiative is called the Serval Project. Founded by Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen, Research Fellow (Rural, Remote and Humanitarian Telecommunications) at Flinders University, the Serval Project’s mission […]

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The BIG Science Communication Summit


EVENT HIGHLIGHT REEL Watch all the edited highlights from the event on our Vimeo channel Read the Storify highlights from the Summit. Inspiring Australia, TechNyou and ScienceRewired are bringing together the nation’s leading science communicators, innovators, science journalists, decision makers and educators. The Summit is an opportunity for participants to individually and collectively compare, shape […]

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