Connect, Collaborate and Communicate for Change

Explore the power of social technologies, crowd sourcing and digital technologies on science communication and citizen science.


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Focusing on the key theme of Connect, Collaborate and Communicate for Change – the event will bring together science communicators, academics, media professionals and digital visionaries for a one-day conference of debate, insight and guidance with a difference.

The launch event is designed for science participants at a variety of levels including and beyond: science practitioners of all specialities from environmental conservation to nanotechnology; science journalists; science educators from primary school to university level; digital innovators; public relations professionals; not-for-profit campaigners; and community groups.

Event themes will include

  • Communicating science across borders
  • The democratisation of science
  • Using gamification as reward and recognition strategies in citizen science
  • Best practice in online science communications
  • Big data in science communication and education
  • Communicating complex ideas through data visualisation
  • Using crowd sourcing techniques, strategies and tools for citizen science
  • Future trends in digital technologies for science communication and education

sciencerewired is an inclusive forum for anyone wanting to discover how science and digital technology can be used to create positive change in the world.


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Event date: October 11, 2012
Location: Australia, Adelaide
Organiser: ScienceRewired
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